Faith Like Flowing Water
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Living by a beautiful lake has inspired this series of paintings, Faith Like Flowing Water. A dream come true, here I can experience and witness Nature's changing moods and the rhythm of the seasons. I love watching the shifting patterns, reflections and the way light travels across the surface. Seeing this both excites and soothes me. Being near water allows me to feel fully present and alive.

In my work I hope to interpret and convey these experiences. I am trying to capture a fleeting moment which is also eternal. These paintings can be enjoyed as a sensuous experience. For me, they are also a metaphor for my Buddhist practice. Water is essential to life, and I believe in our lives. By challenging the vissitudes of life and striving to develop a never-give-up spirit, this is Faith Like Flowing Water.

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Faith Like Flowing Water Light and Atmosphere Light and Atmosphere
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